Request a Game, Cross-Platform Clips Library, Android Early Access, and More

Dear community. We’re excited to announce our biggest update of the year!

Here’s how to get it:

Desktop: For desktop users, this went live in Early Access. Everyone else will get it after the holidays. Want to treat yourself this holiday season? Join early access over here!

Mobile: Update your mobile app to get the latest version, which includes a button to sign up for Early Access for Medal for Android.

But Medal, pls tell me what’s in the update

Ok young padawan. Prepare yourself, the force is strong with this one.

You, right now, about to read this massive update log

🎬 An All-New Clip Library

You now have access to one cohesive clips library across desktop and mobile. It includes some of the coolest features we’ve ever launched.

  • Grouping: Group your library by game or timeline
  • Search + Filtering: Filter by the things you care about, such as privacy status, upload status
  • Sorting: Sort your clips by most viewed, newest, and more.
  • Free Up Space: Because who doesn’t like freeing up your precious disk space — which can be used to install more games — and then you can take more clips. It’s a win-win for all of us.
The New Desktop Clips Library
The New Mobile Clips Library
Mobile Search, Sort, and Filter States

Note: Clips are now unlisted by default to easily let them sync across devices without affecting your followers. You can make them public from Mobile and Desktop, or even make them public by default in your Clip Settings.

Default Privacy Setting
Clips are Unlisted by default, waiting for you to make them public

🎮 Add any game to Medal!

We get it. You want to use Medal while you play all your favorite games. So we made it possible to add any game to Medal using the Request a Game feature.

  1. First, click this button when you are not playing a game:

2. Then, continue to add your game using the wizard 🧙‍♂

3. Now you can clip any game that your heart desires!

When you request a game, all of your clips will be included under that game when it officially gets added to the Medal. Get dem views.

📊 Your Creator Insights (Alpha)

If you have over 100 followers, you will now have access to a personalized dashboard that features views across your content. It can even show you where they come from!

💬 Chat & Groups Updates

  • Group Pinning: You can pin groups across desktop and mobile
  • Performance: Increased speed
  • Clip Keyboard: We made it possible to send clips directly in chat
  • Message Requests: Instead of not being able to DM people, we now allow you to send message requests. For safety reasons, you can not send images or links.
  • Filtering: Filter by DMs, groups, and unreads.

📱 Android Capture Early Access

Medal Capture for Android went in early access. This is a very early stage build, but we are excited to share it and get some testing done by the community on it.

For now, it will only work on the list of supported games. We plan on adding request a game to it in the near future, as well as full posting and login capabilities.

Get access to Android Early Access here.

But wait, there’s more!

📚 You can read the full update log here:

Have a Happy Holidays, and we’ll see you next year!

— The Medal Team

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