Donations, Subscriptions, Social Integrations, Embeds, and our First Acquisition

Dear Creators

Pim here — CEO of I’m so excited to share this with you. Today marks the most important day in our company’s history, as today is the day some of you will start using the platform to make money and depend on us for it. That’s a responsibility we will not take lightly. We believe in creators first and aim to be the most creator-focused video platform on the market. We’ve been working on this update for nearly 6 months with our entire team. Enjoy!

Accept Donations, Subscriptions & Generate Revenue with Medal

Starting this week, we’re going to allow anyone with more than 100 followers on Medal to accept donations, subscriptions, and payments straight from their clips on mobile, web, desktop, and through embedded clips.

This update has rolled out today on Web, PC and mobile. They also work when clips are shown on other websites via embeds such as Twitter, YouTube, any guide websites, or Reddit.

For at least the next year, we will not take a cut of your payments.

If you have your own store or payment processing system such as Patreon or Shopify, you can enter this as well. You can find the full whitelist of URLs you can use here.

You can even edit the button so that if your team sells merch, it can say “Get Merch” and link out to your own merch store. For example, mine would say “Fuel donut addiction”.

It’s important that you stay tax compliant here — so make sure to research which link to use for your use case.

The current links supported are Donate Bot, Patreon, Shopify,, Streamlabs, and ko-fi. Just open a ticket if you’d like another URL

Embedded Clips

Embeds are now live, as well as customizable donation buttons in the top right!
This is the button to embed your clip anywhere.

Announcing Donate Bot as part of Medal

To facilitate this, we have acquired Donate Bot, a platform that has already generated over $100k for creators. Donate Bot lets anyone with a discord server generate a personalized donate link that you can share anywhere.

We’ve worked with the team to ensure it is secure and meets your needs. For example, users don’t need a discord account to check out anymore, and the buyer does not need to be in your Discord server. All the rewards are optional. For those of you already using Donate Bot — nothing will change, except that development will become more active. Julian, the creator of the bot, has joined our team.

Simply paste a Donate Bot or Patreon link over here.
Simply copy your server’s checkout link into the field at Medal

You can configure it so that every time a viewer donates, they receive a special role inside your discord server. There is even a Webhooks API so you can do really cool things when people donate, such as adding them to a list or stream overlay. It is directly integrated with Discord Bot List and Discord Server List as well, so you can accept donations without having to set up a website.

Auto-Share To Social Media on Clips

You can now configure your clips to automatically be shared to Twitter and Discord, using highly customizable settings. You can now also log in with Discord, Twitter, and Steam.

We are so happy to go on this journey with all of you. Keep on creating, and don’t forget to apply to our partner program if you love Medal.

From the team at Medal who have worked hard to build this, thank you for reading!

PS: We are hiring. You can email me directly if you think this is for you: Attach a resume and a cover letter. We also accept applications for jobs not listed on our hiring page.

The Medal Team

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