Library Enhancements, Request Games, Auto Upload Changes & More!

All aboard the hype train. 🚂

Cool beans — how do I get it?

🎬 Library Enhancements

  • Grouping: Group your library by game or timeline
  • Search + Filtering: Filter by the things you care about, such as privacy status, upload status
  • Sorting: Sort your clips by most viewed, newest, and more.
  • Free Up Space: Because who doesn’t like freeing up your precious disk space — which can be used to install more games — and then you can take more clips. It’s a win-win for all of us.
Free Up Space

🎮 Add Your Favorite Games!

Have no fear! You can now request all of your favorite games through the desktop app. Check it out:

• Just go to Settings ➡️ Games ➡️ Add New Game, and voilà!

• Any clips taken will be uploaded as unlisted until game is approved. Once approved by the Medal Team, you can change it to public!

📤 Auto Upload Changes

• Auto uploads have a new option: Prompt me when my game closes

• When your game closes, a system notification will appear that you can click on to manage and publish the clips you just took

• If you don’t click the notification, a prompt will be waiting for you when you return to the app.

Auto Upload

🌐 Web Login + Reporting

  • You can now log into your Medal account via web!
  • Like, comment, and share away
Web Login/Sign Up
  • Ever come across something that was questionable on Medal? Have no fear. We’re giving those on web the ability to report content. Use wisely. 😤
Report Feature

It’s our mission is to provide you all with a safe and friendly environment to watch, record, and share. More on this here:

(No, this doesn’t mean we all should go report Galkon now *cough*)

📊 User Metrics

User Metrics

⚠️ and if that wasn’t enough for you…

Full Session Recording

📚 For the full update log, click here:

Dang, that was a lot. We hope you’re as excited as we are. Here, take this:

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/ >♥️ our undying love+gratitude

~Medal Team

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