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Today is a little bit different. The update we’re launching is not like any of the other updates — it’s an entirely new platform. The type of analytics platform a lot of us at Medal wanted to exist when we were content creators.

It’s for Content Creators
You, as a content creator on Medal, might ask “Where should I invest my time or build my audience?” This will help you pick the right fit.

It’s for Journalists
A journalist may want to quickly see how the game market is trending at the moment to back up a story or for guidance on which games to cover.

It’s for Investors
An investor might want to decide which trend they are going to back with more capital.

It’s for Industry Professionals
A person who is interviewing at a games company might want to use this to analyze where the game they are joining is trending in the market right now.

And it’s for Everyone Else
As a player, nothing is more frustrating than investing hundreds or thousands of hours in a game that is losing popularity.

We all need this product to exist, so we built it. And today, we are releasing it.

Esacpe from Tarkov vs Apex Legends

You can start using it now at

Feature Highlight:

When you see a chart you like, it’s super easy to embed or share it with a link.

It has lots of other neat features like:


We’ve answered some of the most important questions below.

#1 Where are Medal Trends coming from?
When you use Medal, we automatically set your status to what game you are playing. We use these trends to create meaningful trends for creators like yourself, and other people in the industry to spot trends early using Medal Trends.

It only uses trends from consumer-facing products. The Megacool SDK is not included and the data is kept entirely separate.

Sample size is 1–5M events per day. Trends are updated on a daily basis and represents usage on the platform only. We do not use any third-party sources.

#2 How do I opt Out?
If you wish to opt-out of being part of Medal Trends when you capture games, disable “Game Status” in your Games Settings.

#3 Are you selling my personal data?

No — trends is completely anonymous. If you are a technical person reading this — we roll up analytics on an hourly basis and collect them in aggregates, then normalize the data. Trends uses the normalized data to show the latest trends. You can verify it here.

We look forward to seeing what you to do with it. Please tell us on Twitter!

🙌 Clip full session gameplay with 1 button and share it in under 10 seconds from PC/Mobile. Partners:

🙌 Clip full session gameplay with 1 button and share it in under 10 seconds from PC/Mobile. Partners: