How increased SEO performance and collects key insights with WebRender

How we use

Win #1: Capped page limit due to JS rendering using up the crawl budget & Performance

At some point last year, Google stopped indexing our new pages. As a company that relies on user-generated content, that’s a big problem.

Win #2: Engineering Time

Not having to worry if SEO breaks or changes significantly when you deploy updates is delightful, since we control the cache behavior in WebRender entirely. We also saved a bunch of time being able to skip setting up more complicated web infrastructure in favor of a simple react application that runs in the browser, paired with WebRender to serve crawlers and bots. All the integrations and settings are configurable via a simple json.

Win #3: Integrations

Using the web hooks feature, we are able to send data directly into HoneyComb, which we use for data processing. This allows us to quickly export audit logs, or become smarter about what Google is hitting if their own analytics aren’t helping us answer our questions. This is our own internal HoneyComb database, which WebRender routes traffic logs into.

Win #4: Insights

Insights allow us to quickly see how different search engines are behaving, and logs allow us to see what is happening in real-time. This is insight that we didn’t have before, or was very expensive to get at our scale. This was especially useful when we were first implementing. Using the HoneyComb integration, we also log traffic into our own database for analysis.

Win #5: Real-time logs

The logs are extremely useful when implementing and debugging, and there’s nothing quite like seeing how crawlers are hitting the site in real-time


Overall our experience has been a huge win, enabling us to perform at a top tier level for SEO. Some examples of our SEO achievements after implementing WebRender:

Ranking #1 for “Record Clips”
Ranking above Twitch for Fortnite Clips
Getting videos and long tail pages properly indexed in Google



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