Gamers are known for discovering music and spreading it — whether you’re a CS:GO player in the US fragging to Swedish Heavy Metal band In Flames, a RuneScape player PKing to Fort Minor — the gaming community is responsible for taking music genres from all over the world, creating content…

Today we’re doing an engineering post about our partners at, showcasing how we’ve used their platform to make Medal’s React.js web app more successful for SEO purposes. We’ve been a customer for close to a year.

We implement by calling our deployment URL from our Cloudflare worker, effectively…

Experience a new way to watch clips on Medal!

We’ve updated the For You and Following feeds to show you the best content from the games you love.

  • See comments as you scroll or tap a comment to read them all, like comments, or…

Most of you listen to music while gaming. The problem is that distributing a clip that has music in it causes a tremendous amount of problems for you, and the platforms you distribute the clips to.

Does your inbox look like this after you post a clip to Twitter/YouTube:

🤔 Okay, but how do I clip with Medal?

  • All you have to do is start up a game, hit F8, and you’ve saved the last 15–120 seconds of gameplay! It’s that easy.

📲 Now, Let’s Get to Postin’

  • Did you know, the easiest way you can share your clips to Tik Tok is directly through the Medal app? 🤯
  • Simply, take a clip…

Hey everyone,

Today we announce good news, and even better news!

We’ve rolled out yet another update and this time it’s changing the way Medal users interact via web 👀

Check out all of the new features on our new fancy schmancy blog:

Be sure to bookmark it to stay up to date on all things gaming.

Clip on you crazy Medal Mavricks!

~Medal Staff

Today, we have a few exciting announcements coming your way.

We’ve partnered up with Tik Tok to provide you all with an even more creative clipping experience.

🎉 1. x Tik Tok

Wondering how you can share your Medal clips with an even larger audience?

What better way than to share all of your 🔥…

Now live at

Today is a little bit different. The update we’re launching is not like any of the other updates — it’s an entirely new platform. The type of analytics platform a lot of us at Medal wanted to exist when we were content creators.

It’s for…

Medal community — we are super excited to announce that Bookmark Mode (also known as Full Session Recording) has arrived on the platform. We get it. Sometimes you are in such a high tension moment that you forgot to clip. …

All aboard the hype train. 🚂

Cool beans — how do I get it?

  • Update the desktop app, and you’ll gain access to all these new features 💯

🎬 Library Enhancements

You can now filter, sort, and group to your little heart’s desire. We created a cohesive clips library across desktop + mobile.

  • Grouping: Group your library by game or timeline

🙌 Clip full session gameplay with 1 button and share it in under 10 seconds from PC/Mobile. Partners:

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